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“We tell stories… we make movies!”

What We Do

Commercials - For TV, Theater, and/or Website

Videos for your Website/YouTube


Short Film / Documentaries

VHS Tapes and 8mm reels

Digitized Memories


  • Commercials – Video/Film is a powerful platform for delivering your message, whether that be for an individual or a business.  Laughing Parrot produces videos that are captivating and inspiring to help drive results to your brand or business.
  • Event Videos – When you are putting on an event and you want to be sure it is going to reach your audience. Video is the perfect medium to ensure that exposure.
  • Sales & Marketing Videos – No one wants to read these days.  A marketing video can have a big impact on your business.  Most people say that video has influenced their decision to buy.
  • Documentaries – Editorial, Color, Mix/Sound Design, Visual Effects, Dailes- Package Deals offered
  • Short Films – Want to make a movie? Let’s do it.
  • Web Videos – Web videos are a lot like sales and marketing videos but are optimized for streaming on your website or another platform like YouTube.
  • Digitized Memories – Don’t run the risk of losing your memories in the mail. Use Laughing Parrot to digitize your memories. We can digitize miniDV, VHS, 8mm, Super 8, Reel to Reel recordings and more.  We can digitize to external hard drive, usb drive, dvd, and blu-ray.  Tapes starting at $19.99 and 8mm starting at $14.99 per 50′